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😲 My jumper is pilling! What can I do?

😲 My jumper is pilling! What can I do?

You love it !!

As autumn sets in, you're already thinking about your favorite 1971 jumper that you wore last season.

It kept you company every week, lived your every move throughout the day, shared your moments at all hours, was almost part of you.

So now it's time to give it a wellness cure, a rejuvenation, an autumn treatment for those infamous pilling spots, those intrusive little fluffy creatures that intrude without warning into the life of your jumpers, disrupting their beautiful regularity.

Let's start by reassuring ourselves: pilling is normal

Unless you have a jumper made from pointless poly-oil fibres, your knitwear is bound to go through this stage. It simply rejects material, because it lives.

It's like leaves falling from a tree, like your hair growing, like Chuck Norris winning in the end: you can't stop it

Within this mesh, there are fibres that are shorter than others. These are the ones that, as they rub against each other, end up coming out and happily intertwining to settle on the surface of the fabric.

What do I do about pilling?

Don't panic, don't throw it away, don't burn it: your jumper deserves a second chance.

There are solutions to pilling. 

You can limit pilling upstream:

  • Limit friction in the wash by not overloading your washing machine.
  • Turn your jumper inside out. Simple, but effective. Better still, slip it into a bag or net.
  • Many chemical washing products weaken threads, which can break and form new pilling. Limit their use.

And if the invasion of pilling starts to become a problem, or if it bothers you visually, pilling razors are your friends.

  • For around 15 euros, their blades will be at your side to cut out pilling efficiently, while the presence of a grid on top will prevent the blades from touching the weft. Goodbye to the risk of holes.
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