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I have been working as a product development consultant in the textile sector since 1997.

I have always had a passion for clothing and sewing.

As a child, I used to dress my sister's dolls in my homemade designs...

She still remembers how stylish they were to this day!

At the age of 12, I enrolled in a sewing school in Verviers, a former textile town.

The world was full of possibilities.

But I had already made up my mind.

When I turned 18, I eagerly headed to Paris to further my training at the renowned fashion school, ESMOD.

During my third year, I became even more certain that my future lay in men's fashion.

I graduated at the top of my class.

And I was awarded the jury prize.

Afterwards, I offered my services to various companies.

But the real breakthrough came when I met Pierre Kuborn.

The CEO of a Brussels-based company specializing in jeans production for the Belgian and European markets.

Since then, I have been immersed in the world of denim.

For almost 25 years, I worked as a denim product manager for various industry players.

However, I struggled to find fulfillment and alignment with my work.

That's when the idea struck me to create my own fashion line.

Designing clothes that respect producers, materials, and the environment.

I drew inspiration from three things.

My childhood and teenage memories.

My unwavering love for denim.

And my rock/garage/retro influences.

And while I was at it, I decided to make my products high-quality, original, and exclusive.


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