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The Lifestyle Brand for Men

1971 is a clothing brand dedicated to men, aimed at shaking up the men's fashion industry by offering
clothes that provide a level of luxury through their quality, while reinforcing the image of the traditional Gentleman. We support craftsmanship through the know-how of our partners and the transparency of our production.

At 1971, you know what you are buying and why you are choosing to wear these amazing
clothes. We believe in a fair and sustainable economy, one that makes sense for the everyday.

After all, we love limited editions !

Graphic T-shirts stand the
test of time. Whatever the season or the current trends, they’ve been a
permanent fixture in every collection since the beginning

the essentials

Does anyone still design jeans so they can be repaired one day? Apart from us, that is.

They could well be the only item of clothing made even more handsome by repairs.

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