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1971 is a clothing brand that wants to shake up the men’s fashion industry by drawing on three fundamental principles: premium-quality finished products, reinforcing the image of the traditional gentleman, and an uncompromising commitment to a fair and sustainable economy.

1971 is committed to justifying every decision, making you a partner every step of the way. You know what you are buying and why.

1971 communicates, asks questions, and reacts. Your opinions are vital and your perceptions are an asset. Our clothing reflects your sources of inspiration and meets your wishes.

1971 is timeless, sustainable and environmentally friendly. You won’t find throwaway culture here. We work with love and respect – for the supply chain, for every single person involved and for the raw materials.

1971 stands for elegance, rock ‘n’ roll and garage. We proudly assert our bold influences. When it comes down to it, both of us love the same thing: beautiful items, retro style and denim.


My name is Christelle Loozen. I’ve been a product development consultant in the textile sector since 1997.

I’ve always had a passion for clothes and sewing. As a child, I would dress my sister’s dolls in my home-made designs – she remembers how chic they were to this very day!

When I was 12, I started at a sewing school in Verviers, a former textile town. The world was my oyster, but my mind was made up.

After turning 18, I dashed off to Paris to complete my training at renowned fashion school ESMOD. In my third year, I became even surer that my future was in men’s fashion. I ended up graduating top of my class and was awarded the jury prize.

For almost 25 years, I made my way as a denim product manager for various industry players, but I grew tired of constantly chasing profit. As quality dropped further and further down the list of priorities, I struggled to find satisfaction and to feel aligned with what I was doing. I was then struck with the idea to create my own fashion line, to design clothing in line with my convictions that respects producers, materials and the environment. I drew inspiration from my childhood and teenage memories, my unconditional love of denim, and my rock/garage/retro influences. And while I was at it, I decided to make my products high-quality, original and exclusive.


We often fall head over heels for our partners. It could be the people, their relationship to their work or their expertise. Their style or the direction they’ve taken. Or it could just be who they are, a person who moves us so much that we simply have to work together – whatever the cost! Allow us to introduce them to you…


Now is the time for action, not words. And since it’s best to start with our own lives, we are committed to ensuring our plans take the future into consideration.

The Earth, just like human beings, has its limits.

The recent string of “natural” disasters can only be seen as a backlash – the planet is on its knees. There’s no need for lengthy explanations as to why it’s vital, given the circumstances, to choose the most ethical partners available AND who are as near to us as possible.

To use organic raw materials wherever feasible, alongside clean and sustainable processes.

We want to carve out a place for ourselves in this world without taking advantage of anything or anyone.

We want to work together as part of a win-win situation. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on the fact that the people who make our clothes are respected, consistent with their own personal commitment, and that they are fairly remunerated so they can make a decent living.

BUT plans that are not sustainable on a daily basis have no future.
Our choices have a cost.

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