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It's often the big question when entering this retro-inspired universe.

This brand, created by Christelle Loozen, has a taste for the good things in life.
It's all about friends, rock music, and the garage.
A passion for authenticity, for what exudes sincerity.

When you join this family, you become active and embark on endeavors with a taste for the seventies. 

We talk about motorcycles, cars, music, and cinema.
We reminisce about our good old days.
We think about passing on this legacy to future generations.

And for that, we represent it through our clothing in a thoughtful manner, without compromising on style and quality.

Timeless, durable, eco-friendly...

All our products are designed by passionate individuals with unmatched craftsmanship.
These partners are often love at first sight.
And they ignite the 1971 passion !

By entering our universe, you not only proudly wear its colors.
You also embrace the image of the charismatic Gentleman from the seventies that lies within you.
You take pride in showcasing it by confidently sporting our garments.

That's the spirit of 1971 !


We are attached to a culture.

The culture of human connection.
The culture of exchanging around our passion.
The culture of partnership for the love of well-crafted things.

This culture, we have created it with our various partners in Europe. 

Our sweatshirts and T-shirts are entrusted to Patricia and her team, based in northern Portugal.

She is a passionate woman with 25 years of experience in the textile industry.
Her team oversees the operations, without whom nothing would be possible.
Their passion is reflected in the beauty of our garments, worn by our charismatic men.

Our sweaters and polo shirts are made in Agliana, Italy, in a small family-owned factory established in 1968.

Managed by Federico and his father, along with their small team, the company operates on a human scale.
Their expertise in knitting makes them a valuable ally.
The quality is undeniable, and those who wear our garments can attest to it !

Our jeans are the result of a successful collaboration with Gabriele Colantoni's family workshop.

Located in Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy, the entire company is dedicated to denim.
The finishes are top-notch, and great care is taken with every detail.
When Italian perfection meets the authentic man, there can only be a "dolce vita" !

Just like our sweatshirts and T-shirts, our chinos are also made by a Portuguese company.

A true partner for many years, they strive to provide the best quality for these pants.
And always with a smile !
The sun is always shining on the road of 1971 !

And finally, all our leathers are made by the Portuguese factory of Álvaro Sousa.

A true master in the field, they are the key to the success of our leathers.
The customization, innovation, and creativity in their work distinguish this family-owned factory.
With their hearts in the work and hands at the craft, Álvaro Sousa and his collaborators enhance the style of the 1971 man.

Passion drives us to enhance the beauty of men.
Craftsmanship ensures they have the utmost comfort.
Perfection makes them purely authentic.

All of this would not be possible at 1971 without one thing: the human touch.


As you may have understood, 1971 is a story of sharing.
We want to put you behind the wheel of this beautiful machine that is the seventies era.
An era that reflects the way of life of the charismatic man.
An era that showcases all the beauty within him.

And this era, you can live and relive through our clothing.

Whether you're an admirer of Steve McQueen or Lino Ventura.
Whether you're a fan of the Rolling Stones or ZZ Top.
Whether you're a lover of classic cars or vintage motorcycles.

There will always be a garment at 1971 that highlights your passion and charisma.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts, polos, T-shirts, chinos, jeans, underwear, caps, belts...

All our clothing and accessories have a heritage.
And you are the bearer of this heritage.

It's up to you to choose the piece that will symbolize this story... your story.

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