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We often fall head over heels for our partners. It could be the people, their relationship to their work or their expertise. Their style or the direction they’ve taken. Or it could just be who they are, a person who moves us so much that we simply have to work together – whatever the cost! Allow us to introduce them to you…


Our sweatshirts and T-shirts are entrusted to Fatima and her team in Barcelos, northern Portugal. She is a passionate woman with 25 years of experience in the textile industry. Her daughters Isilda and Jennifer oversee operations with the support of Carmo, without whom nothing would be possible. They lead a warm and dynamic team of 25 experienced and committed people. Their high degree of professionalism can be seen in the quality of their work.

(Jenny - Fatima - Isilda)

Our jumpers and polo shirts are made in Agliana, Italy, at a small family-run factory founded in 1968 and run by Federico, his father, and their small team. It is a close-knit company that has managed to strike a delicate balance between family and growth. Their knitting expertise makes them an invaluable partner and the overall quality of their products is just top-class!

(Federico and his assistant ever) 

Our jeans come from a successful partnership with the family-run workshop founded by Gabriele Colantoni in Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy. The entire company is dedicated to denim, offering high-end finishes and attention to every last detail at each production stage. How wonderful it is to be able to count on a partner who sees things the same way I do and makes products that align so closely with my requirements and wishes!


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