European production on a human scale

“I’ve made the choice to be the most responsible as possible by choosing to work with European and organic labelled materials, without compromise the quality of my clothes.”
2020 was a year where I learned to work differently with my partners. Indeed, Covid has taught me to work more digitally and avoid to flying to the factories.
Let me present you my partners,


Who is hiding behind our sweatshirts and T-shirts?

Welcome to Barcelos in the North of Portugal

This workshop is led by Fatima and her team, a passionate woman who has always worked in the textile industry, an experience of more than 25 years.

At her side, a team of 25 equally experienced people. Isilda and Jennifer (her daughter), are in charge of the operations and are supported by Carmo at the patronage without whom nothing would be possible.

An engaging and dynamic team that allows us to develop and produce quality parts every day.

(Jenny - Fatima - Isilda)


Who is hiding behind our sweaters and polo shirts?

We fly to Italy and go to Agliana. 

The Factory was founded as a family business in 1968

Federico and his father welcome us surrounded by a small team, Federico runs his machines with the utmost care. The entire collection is made from raw materials purchased in Italy. 

Their knowledge and quality in knitwear is a valuable asset in meeting our demands.
A company that has managed to preserve the balance between the family and its development in the textile sector. 


(Mr Risaliti) 


Who is hiding behind our jeans?

We leave for Isola del Gran Sasso in Italy.

We are in a family workshop, founded by Gabriele Colantoni, his sons Gianluca and Matteo replaced their father since 2000.

A company dedicated to denim, with quality know-how, where accuracy and reliability are essential to respond to their high-end Italian and international customers.

A team that works denim as I like it !


(Federica & Rosella)