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The "1971" Socks – A Nod to the Past, A Step Towards the Future

At "1971", we are driven by the desire to reinvent the classics. Our striped socks are no exception to this rule and embody a delicious blend of tradition and modernity.

The story of striped socks begins in the 19th century, a decisive turning point marked by technological advances that transformed weaving and dyeing methods, giving birth to creations once unimaginable. It was the dawn of a new era for socks which, previously solid-colored, proudly donned stripes.

A reference to history and a celebration of individuality, our socks are inspired by this rich heritage. After World War II, striped socks transcended their symbolism of belonging to become a distinctive sign of joy and boldness in men's fashion. They captured the spirit of an era in search of color and personal expression.

Our "1971" socks are not just an accessory; they are the testament to a history that continues to be woven. Each pair is a tribute to the perseverance of those who have paved the way and an invitation to those who aspire to walk confidently into the future.

Wear them and walk in the footsteps of history, while leaving your own mark.

  • A range of five colors, from vibrant to subtle, designed to harmonize with every outfit.
  • Passionately made in Portugal, a guarantee of craftsmanship and quality.
  • A mark of distinction, with the discreet "1971" signature as a pledge of our commitment to excellence.

One size (40-44), hugging each foot with unparalleled precision.


Refined composition – 88% Cotton, 10% Polyamide, 2% Elastane – ensuring comfort and resilience.
Made in Portugal / Portuguese yarn.

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Washing Care

My name is SERGE

I'm produced with an Portuguese yarn and I'm made in Portugal.

I want to stay with you for a long time, please follow my washing instruction carefully.

  • I like the delicate wash - maximum temperature 30C - wash me inside out
  • Do not tumble dry me, I prefer to get some fresh air.
  • Warm iron - Max 150C (2 dots)
  • I'm suitable for the dry cleaning
  • I ‘don’t like chlorine and based bleach.

Thanks you for taking care of me.

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