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baseball caps 1971

1971 Trucker caps – The latest arrival to the collection

China?... Yes, China !

With this project, for once we decided to go with China.

Not only do I freely admit it, but I am also proud to tell you. With such an amazing quality/price ratio, 1971 is proud to offer you this product.

But why not here?

While we did approach a large number of European manufacturers, no one could offer us such a level of quality at this price point. Either the price was exorbitant, or the quality was lacking. There are limits – who would pay €75 for a baseball cap?

Economically speaking, the only ‘reasonable’ solution of ‘acceptable’ quality would have been to opt for an EU-labelled product made in Asia, all without the ability to oversee the entire process and meet our expectations in terms of environmental responsibility. In short, this wasn’t for us!

Our chosen workshop shares our core values, both on a human scale and in its respect for the environment. This very small company is widely recognised for its level of expertise, usually only working with haute couture. Without wishing to brag, they chose us, not the other way around!

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