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1971’s graphic T-shirts - The unmissable essentials.

1971’s graphic T-shirts - The unmissable essentials.

While James Dean and Steve McQueen sported white T-shirts in the 50s, the industry continued to change and reinvent itself.

In the 60s, the T-shirt became a means of communicating views and a propaganda tool. Take the hippies, who used it as a way to express their pacifism in psychedelic colours and in doing so “demilitarised” the T-shirt, which was originally a military piece.

Graphic design evolved throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, becoming a channel of communication, then a promotional tool, turning all kinds of fans into human billboards!

While the 90s saw the stirrings of a graphic revolution, it was in the 2000s – with widespread computer use and the arrival of the internet – that there was a quantum leap forwards.

OUR graphic designs are more than ever a means of expression and naturally reflect our top picks and favourite themes: a pinch of garage, a twist of rider-biker, a spoonful of retro vintage style, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of chic – so tuck in!

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