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TRIUMPH Motorcycles and GIBSON

TRIUMPH Motorcycles and GIBSON

Two symbols join forces. Actually, no: two legends. So aligned with our very essence, so in tune with our world, it seemed only right...

And did I mention it's for a noble cause? It’s in support of the renowned "Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" as part of its international charitable initiatives for men's mental health and prostate cancer awareness. 

Ah, Les Paul and Bonneville...*sigh*... Both are considered the Holy Grail of their respective worlds, and are still manufactured and sold to this day. The top fundraiser of the 2022 edition will be their proud owner – now how about that for motivation?!

There is, quite clearly, a mutual love for perfection and refinement. An American-British match made in heaven on a shared quest for excellence.

And let's not forget that music and motorbikes go hand in hand, they both evoke that same sense of freedom. These two worlds intersect, overlap, collide and mingle, as if by magic. Top Gun is a story of love and aeroplanes, but give me a GPZ 900 Ninja and take my breath away... Easy Rider is Captain America AND born to be wild. You can't have one without the other. It's magical alchemy in motion. And when it casts its spell on you, there's no going back. Hitting the open road, your hands on the handlebars, music in your ears... Yeah, this rocks!

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