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Bruce tracksuit Jacket 1971

The BRUCE zipped sweatshirt

At 1971, we like to take inspiration from our favourite things – and in this case, one of our former favourites.

Who our age hasn’t worn that legendary tracksuit made by the brand with three stripes? Remember swapping yours with your friends? Whatever antics you got up to, it was right there with you! It was one of those pieces that defined an era, a snapshot of the good old days. So we chose to update it with a new, ultra-high quality version. Not because we missed it, necessarily, but because we wanted to relive those carefree days. To take in the sweet scent of the seventies again.

Our version definitely has a vintage feel while being high-quality and responsibly made, as always.

Its fabric was developed in Portugal, using a cotton base and a recycled polyester finish to give it a glossy retro look without going over the top.

Not forgetting that extra little bit of soul to make it uniquely ours!

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