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Sweatshirt Joe 1971

Chinos – The new trousers at 1971

The chino was originally a piece of military clothing. During the 1950s in the United States, it represented a relaxation of dress code regulations for demobilised ex-soldiers heading into the world of university.

For decades, they have been THE staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Yes, our trousers travel. While this is unavoidable in today’s market, we are still managing to stay true to our core values.

Together with his brother, Matteo works in the family workshop in central Italy founded by his father.

Faced with the staggering Italian labour shortage, his brother Gianluca chose to set up his stitching workshop in Tunisia, thereby helping to successfully fulfil the high number of orders, while not having to resort to locally available black market Asian workers. Not for us, thank you!

Our chinos travel by boat between the two countries.

A green-thinking company run the European way, always under close supervision, where its workers are both well paid and treated fairly.

Once again, 1971 has foregone the easy option, instead taking responsibility for its actions, favouring impeccable craftmanship that yields incredible results.

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