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We’re not going to put just any old thing on our sweatshirts!

We’re not going to put just any old thing on our sweatshirts!

Once again, Portugal proved an obvious choice. The heat-set cotton fibres are high-value and sustainable. We’ve also brushed the inside for a softer and comfier feel.

In terms of references, we’ve really indulged ourselves. Saroléa is a source of local pride and embodies a certain chutzpah. Motorbike fans will recognise its inimitable style and timeless lines. The 1949 model BL350 is nothing less than a sleek and refined factory bobber – something the Americans did later on in the corners of their garages, but not necessarily better. And it has almost definitely fired the imagination of modern designers.

Our basic piece takes inspiration from the navy but has a racing streak that calls to mind a hillclimber’s bib. It’s immaculate, with once again that subtle blend of exclusivity and everyday style. How about that?

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