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How do you cuff your jeans?

How do you cuff your jeans?

Jean cuffs are nothing more than turn-ups. Anyone can do it themselves whenever they want. It only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any needle and thread – simply roll up the bottoms of your trousers. Cuffs can change the cut, draw attention to your shoes, or even stop your jeans from brushing the floor. Here are the biggest and easiest trends to help you finish off your denim in different ways.  

The double cuff is the most common type, which you can choose to iron in for a greater effect.  

The subtle micro-cuff can be achieved by just rolling up the bottom of your jeans level with the seam.  

The Japanese cuff is more graphic and precise – turn the fabric up by 10 centimeters, then make a second cuff. 

The American cuff is the simplest and makes the strongest visual impact. Roll up your jeans by 12 centimeters, adjust them to avoid the fabric stopping mid-ankle and that’s it! 

Give these cuffs a go and put your own stamp on your jeans whenever the feeling takes you.

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