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Denim shirt CLINT - 1971

The "Clint" denim shirt

Now that’s what we like to see! A timeless piece to make our own – and make even better. A way to play with conventions by making something beautiful and high-quality

It was about time the true blue denim shirt featured in our collection. 

We’ve kept the western cut, as seen in the flap pockets on the chest, the bent sleeves, the yoke and the seam finish on the back. 

They’re joined by a removable pin on the breast pocket and 1971-branded snap fasteners. 

We went for a real indigo dye, prepared by our supplier ISKO, with as raw a wash as possible, crafted with the greatest care by Alfonso and his Portuguese workshop, which specialises in shirts. 

As for the material, we’ve used a fabric made from organic and recycled cotton with recycled polyester too for an unbelievable degree of comfort. 

It’s a shirt that will adapt, adjust and age beautifully. Something that only gets better with time…

So wear it all year round to your heart’s content. And dream of the wide expanses of the Wild West, sat on an old nag… Or not!

Denim Shirt 1971

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