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The JARED polo shirt

The JARED polo shirt

As we’re sure you know by now, we’re not ones to say no to a nice contrast. Our fine and stylish pieces assume a strong rebel attitude.

The mods took Fred Perry’s polo shirt and made it their insignia, establishing a style as a reaction, to show opposition. They broke with conventions and thumbed their noses at the establishment.

Naturally, we see a bit of ourselves in them… So, we’ve kept the style and, like always, done what we do best: high quality, green production, and invested and skilled partners.

Fatima and her team are committed to an approach that matches our values: know-how – built on solid experience in the sector – and innovation. Because the sustainable economy is now a non-negotiable and a shared goal. And because quality, viability and civic responsibility can be achieved at the same time.

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